Who may use the CNC Router?

The CNC router is available for use by all Stuckeman School and School of Visual Arts students and faculty. Training and supervistion is required. You must be willing to dedicate a bit of time to learning how to prepare files and operate the machine. Schedule time by emailing


When is the CNC router available for use?

The machine is located in the Stuckeman Shop and is therefore available for use during scheduled Shop hours. Monday-Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm-10pm.


How much does it cost to use?

There is no cost to use the machine. However, you are responsible for supplying your own materials. Occasionally we require users to purchase their own router bits, depending on how much routing is to be done and the type of material.


What materials can be used?

Foam, plexiglass, wood, and wood composites. Other materials require special permission. 

We do not allow students to use large blocks of standard MDF when cutting 3D forms. MDF produces a great deal of fine dust and dulls our router bits. Cutting 2D shapes from MDF sheets is fine however.