The 3 axis Thermwood CNC Router is located in the Stuckeman Shop and is available for use by Stuckeman School and School of Visual Arts students and faculty.  This machine has a bed size of 5’x10’ and is equipped with a vacuum table and 7 position tool changer. This type of machine is typically used in industry for cutting 2D profiles out of sheet material such as plywood, but is also capable of carving 3D surfaces from thicker stock.

To program the CNC machine we use a plugin for Rhino called RhinoCAM. This plugin is installed on the Windows computers in the Shop and 002 Lab. 2D and 3D files may be imported into Rhino or created in Rhino directly. All objects or 2D drawings should be scaled to actual size, with inches as the units.

Students and faculty who wish to use the CNC Router must be willing to spend a bit of time learning the basics of Rhino and RhinoCAM.  RhinoCAM training is generally done one-on-one with Jamie Heilman or the DigiFab Assistants. Setting up RhinoCAM toolpathes is a bit complex, but we will guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done correctly.  With this machine, consequences of improper file setup can be both expensive and dangerous, therefore all jobs must be checked and approved by our Staff before any cutting is done.

The Thermwood CNC is available for use during general Stuckeman Shop hours. Monday-Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm-10pm. Time reservations must be made in advance to ensure that we have staff available to assist. We also recommend that students visit the DigiFab Lab ahead of time to discuss file preparation, materials and milling strategies.

To schedule training and operating time please email:

The current schedule can be viewed here.

Safety glasses and closed shoes are required at all times while working in the Shop!