How Big Can I Make My Model?

The ZCorp build chamber is 8"x10"x8"deep. Your model must fit within the build chamber.

The Dimension build chamber is 8"x8"x10 high.


What Material Does the Printer Build Parts With?

The ZCorp uses a material is almost like plaster (only more fragile) hardened with a binder. It is not particularly strong.

The Dimension uses ABS plastic and a brittle support material. The ABS is relatively strong.


What Thickness Should the Model Parts Be?

No part of the model is recommended to be be thinner than 1/8 of an inch for flat, straight parts, and even this thickness may not be strong enough if there is a lot of weight on top of the element, or the spans are great. The more folds or curves that is present in the model the thinner it can become—possibly down to 1/16 of an inch, however the risk of breakage increases dramatically when the thickness goes under 1/8 inch.  


Geometries To Avoid:

The following is a list of things that should be avoided when considering a model for printing. If we encounter such situations in your models, we will inform you as such. With some, you will still be able to send the print, however there is an increased risk of breakage. With others, it will be necessary to re-model the piece.

Flat unsupported surfaces less than 1/8" thick.

Self-supporting space frames, lattice or tube structures less than 1/4" in diameter.

Thin connection points between geometries.

Models that will not be strong enough to support themselves.

Models that will be difficult to remove from the build chamber. Your model must be strong enough to survive the trauma of being excavated.  Keep in mind that excavation involves removing your model from a bed filled with powder. Think "archeology and frail dinosaur bones"!


How Do I Get My Model Printed?

Submit your files as an STL. Each object should be submitted as a separate file. On the server, place them in the DigiFAB_Lab > ZCorp_3D_Printer > Submissions_To_Be_Printed folder. Let the DigiFab LAB staff know that you have submitted a file to be printed. Email: digifab@psu.edu


How Much Does it Cost?

Print costs are charged directly to your SALA printing account. The cost of each print is determined by the amount of powder and binder or plastic necessary. Powder is $1.50 per cubic inch. Binder is $0.26 per mL. Plastic is $5.40 per cubic inch.